Child Protection Policy

The PCC recognises the importance of its ministry with children and young people and its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and young people entrusted to the church’s care. The welfare of the child is always paramount. The PCC recognises the need to provide a safe and caring environment for children and young people. It also recognises that children and young people can be the victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and neglect. The PCC is committed to offering pastoral care and support to those attending the church who have been affected by abuse (with the assistance of the Diocesan Director of Safeguarding and Inclusion, if necessary). The PCC has therefore adopted a Child Protection Policy, based on detailed procedures laid out in the Winchester Diocese Child Protection Manual dated July 2013. The policy was first approved by the PCC on 21 May 2014. It was reviewed, updated and re-approved in July 2015 (with minor amendments subsequently confirmed by Standing Committee). A copy is available in each church, in the Parish Office, and on request.

The Child Protection policy sets out definitions of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual abuse, neglect and bullying and harassment) and indicators signs and symptoms of abuse, and exmplains how to respond to allegations of abuse.

The PCC will ensure all those who work with children in the Church will be appointed, trained, supported and supervised appropriately, and the policy sets out how this will be undertaken. Decisions as to whether or not a particular person should be appointed to work with children or young people will be taken by the Safeguarding Officer, the Lead contact for Children’s work and the Incumbent. The outcome will be reported to PCC.

The policy makes clear that when someone attending the church or wishing to join the church is known to have abused children, the Diocesan Director of Safeguarding will work with the PCC to ensure an appropriate Agreement is put in place (to supervise the individual concerned and offer pastoral care The Agreement will detail the conditions under which the person may attend the church.

The policy sets out good practice in the following areas:

  • Responding to a child wanting to talk about abuse
  • Making notes
  • Touching
  • Guidelines for Discipline
  • Camps / Residential Activities / Off site activities
  • Bullying
  • Storage and use of information / images of Children
  • Use of internet and email
  • Transporting children

The policy also sets out where the more detailed diocesan procedures referenced can be found. A copy of the diocesan manual is available in the Church Office, and is also available on-line

The PCC has appointed a Safeguarding Officer, will receive regular reports on safeguarding, and will review the Child Protection Policy at least annually.


Local Contact Details

Parish Safeguarding Officer: Karen Piggott

07789 761803

Incumbent: Revd Peter Dockree

023 8055 4231

Diocese of Winchester Contact Details

*Immediate Risk*

If you are concerned that a child or vulnerable adult may be at immediate risk, contact the Police


*Registering a Concern*

01962 737317

*Out of Hours Service*

If you need immediate advice or help on Monday to Friday 6pm – 8am or on weekend and Bank Holidays

0300 555 1373