Looking for your Family History?

Historical records and information for the Parish of Swaythling

What we have:

A list of Memorial Inscriptions for St Mary’s Church, South Stoneham (off Wessex Lane). It lists all of the details on headstones and memorials in the church yard, and has an alphabetical index at the beginning.

Registers of Baptism from 1973 to date (for St Albans) and 1978 to date (for St Mary’s) and a Burial Register (Ashes) from 1996 to date.

What we do not have:

We have no old records in the Parish – anything older than the dates listed above are all held in the Southampton Archives, Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY. Phone: 023 8083 2251.   Southampton Archives services hold a rich variety of material relating to the city and its people dating back to 1199.  The archives are open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am to 4pm

Looking for South Stoneham?

It is worth you noting the difference between the two ‘South Stoneham’ places of burials:

South Stoneham Churchyard – St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Close, off Wessex Lane SO18 2ST.   In the churchyard, there is a Garden of Remembrance at St Mary’s Church, where ashes are still buried.  The churchyard itself was closed to new burials in 1901, so if you are looking for a more recent burial, then you will probably need to contact South Stoneham Cemetery.

South Stoneham Cemetery – is managed by Southampton City Council and is located in Stoneham Cemetery Road, Mansbridge, Southampton SO18 2NF.  Tel 023 8076 6405

What about North Stoneham?

St Nicholas Church (close to Eastleigh/ the Airport) actually falls under the Parish of North Stoneham and Bassett. For information about that Churchyard and memorials please visit their parish website

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