Welcome to Swaythling Parish

Welcome to Swaythling Parish.   We are a group of local people of all ages and a variety of backgrounds who are united in our love for Jesus and our desire to serve others in our local community in Swaythling.  We are also an Inclusive Church and are listed as a Visible Congregation with OneBodyOneFaith  We are based in two church buildings, St Alban’s Church on Tulip Road, and St Mary’s Church, South Stoneham, off Wessex Lane.  

Our usual Sunday Church Service times are:

  • 8am at St Mary’s Church – Holy Communion Service
  • 10.15am at St Alban’s Church – Morning Worship

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Thursdays Together
continues every Thursday morning at St Alban’s, from 8.45am  to 10.30am.   Anyone is welcome to come.

We offer:

  • Fresh food from local supermarkets that would otherwise have gone to waste, and some long life food 
  • Hot and cold drinks and space to chat 
  • Information on other services and support available
  • If you find yourself facing a crisis or emergency then please talk to us and we will do our best to help.  We’d love to see you!   

If you would like to make a finacial contribution to the work of Thursdays Together please click here.

Prayer and Support  –  Do you need prayer or support for yourself, someone else or a particular situation? If so, please contact us (details at bottom of page).

Safeguarding – please see our safeguarding page for Safeguarding contact phone numbers and copies of our Safeguarding Policy.

Giving – You can now support the church by giving online at https://www.stewardship.org.uk/partners/20311524 or by sending a cheque (payable to “Swaythling Parish”) in the post to us.