Interment of Cremated Remains at St Mary’s, South Stoneham

(Often also called ‘Burial of Ashes’)

The Interment of Cremated Remains (Burial of Ashes) is permitted within the Garden of Remembrance in the Churchyard of St Mary’s at South Stoneham (Not to be confused with South Stoneham Cemetery, which is owned and run by Southampton City Council).

All those who live within the Parish are welcome to have their ashes interred at St Mary’s. Those outside the Parish, but with a strong connection here, are permitted to inter ashes at the discretion of the Vicar. Ashes are interred loose (i.e., not in a container), and will be placed within a specially dug small grave (i.e., not ‘scattered’)

If you would like to know more, please call the Parish Office on 023 8067 9787 (Monday to Thursdays, 9.15am to 12 noon, term time only).