“Come-as-you-can” ongoing monthly home-group. 7.30 Fourth Wednesday in the month. A warm welcome to all those who want to be with other people “trying to work it out” in a home setting.

The next Come as you Can Home Group will be on Wednesday January 25th at 1930 52 Ethelburt Avenue, when Mark Metcalfe will lead a discussion on “What is a good disagreement?” Everyone, of course, welcome.

The Come as You Can Home Group before the break for Lent Groups is on February 22nd 2017 at 1930 at 52 Ethelburt Avenue. All are welcome as always. Rodney Targett from Salisbury, and a worshipper at St Lawrence’s, Winchester will lead an exploration on “What’s good about Tradition?” I have invited him because he seems to me to be a good example of tradition- based worship, and of life but in conversation, there seem to be as many versions of tradition, as there are people! Should be lively! Do come! The group will then resume on May 24th.

Peter Martin 02380 322332 petermartin834@gmail.com