“Come-as-you-can” ongoing monthly home-group. 7.30 Fourth Wednesday in the month. A warm welcome to all those who want to be with other people “trying to work it out” in a home setting.

The Come-as-you-can Home Group resumes after the Lent break on Wednesday May 24th 1930 at 52 Ethelburt Avenue, Bassett Green. All are welcome. This time we shall be thinking about how we can go on loving when we are out of resources, where the limits are, if at all, and perhaps Godly ways of protecting loving energy for the long term. We shall start the session with a short broadcast recording of a priest who had to learn to protect herself while loving, taken from the BBC Radio 4 series “One to One”. something there for us all.

Peter Martin 02380 322332 petermartin834@gmail.com