Film Club 2017

Wednesday 25th January
THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E (12A) (2015)

Set in the 1960’s, a CIA agent and a KGB operative are forced to work together to bring down a mysterious criminal organisation selling nuclear weapons. (116mins)

Wednesday 22nd February

The memoirs of Gustave H, a legendary concierge, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy, who work at a famous hotel. (99mins)

Wednesday 22nd March

Saajan receives the wrong lunchbox and he is pleasantly surprised to find it’s much better than his usual lunch. When he finds a note inside he decides to write back. (Hindi with subtitles) (104mins)

Wednesday 26th April
BRIDGE OF SPIES (12A) (2015)

During the cold war, an American lawyer (Tom Hanks) defends an arrested Soviet spy. After, he is asked to lead the negotiations to exchange the Soviet spy with an American one. (142mins)

Wednesday 24th May

When Alan Bennett invites a lady to park her van on his driveway, little did he expect that she would stay for 15 years.. (104 mins)

Wednesday 14 June
LOCKE (15)(2013)

On the eve of the biggest construction job of his career, Ivan must drive from Birmingham to London, while making phone calls to his family and work colleagues to put his life back together. Staring Tom Hardy. (85mins)

Wednesday 13 September
SELMA (12A) (2014)

The story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr leading a march from Selma to Montgomery in order to secure equal voting rights. (128mins)

Wednesday 18th October
THE MARTIAN (12A) (2015)

An astronaut (Matt Damon) is stranded on Mars. Using limited supplies and resources he must find a way to communicate with scientists back on Earth, who believe that he is dead. (144mins)

Wednesday 22nd November
THE BIG SHORT (15) (2015)

The story of the US mortgage housing crisis of 2005. Michael burry predicts the housing market crash and beings to bet against it. The banks are more than happy to accept, since it will never happen. (130mins)

Wednesday 20th December

Live action remake of the tale of Mowgli’s journey through the jungle with Bagheera and Baloo. (106mins)

We meet at 7.30p.m., on an evening, once a month in The Community Room, St Alban’s Church, Burgess Road, to see a film. Suggested donation for refreshments: £2.50. More details on 023 8067 9787 or